29/ 09/ 16

The beginning…

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while, but as the procrastinator that I am I kept saying I’d do it tomorrow. Well tomorrow has finally arrived! As Agatha Christie (or Mark Twain depending on who you’re talking to) said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

There are A LOT of blogs out there for all sorts of reasons, filling all different kinds of niches. For me, I would want my blog to be like a timeline of what’s happening in my life. I want to make this a space where I can share my thoughts, experiences, recipes, and maybe even tips & advice (if anyone dare take it). I guess the idea is that even if no one else reads it, at least I can have a nicely organized reference of what I’ve done. It’s a way to document my life. If I take pictures, or stumble upon a really good recipe, or have travel experiences can have one home for everything.

Another reason I’ve wanted to start a blog is to get back into writing. I studied literature and writing in university and while I continue to read almost every day (thank you Kindle!), my writing has slowed down a lot. And by a lot I mean it basically doesn’t happen. I write every day, since I have my phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – I’m always writing little things. But I never sit down and think about what it is I actually want to say. I don’t have a place to put together all the ideas I have. With this blog I hope that I can develop myself as a writer. I hope that I something I say or share about will resonate with someone.

When I first started reading and following blogs a few years ago, I was most attracted to blogs that were more personal, often lifestyle blogs. Reading about their passions, struggles and daily insights was inspiring. They were telling their stories and that encouraged me because it was something I could do too. So instead of me just sitting behind a computer reading and absorbing, I could be doing and producing. I could create something and have something to be proud of. Something I can continually be working towards.

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